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The Minister of Men
Mission and Purpose

Whereas: There is growing concern throughout all of Christianity and within the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church specifically about the lack of male membership, participation and leadership in the church, the causes of which have been documented beyond dispute; and

Whereas: The unjust, racist and unequal social, economic and political conditions of the nation have made the African American men an almost endangered species with hundreds of thousands of black males emasculated, incarcerated, illiterate, irresponsible, abused and abusive; and

Whereas: The Christian Methodist Episcopal Church sorely needs but does not have a disciplinary, intentional, focused, effective and Bible based ministry to men, especially black men, which ministry is essential if the church is to begin t address in serious and realistic fashion the needs of men; and

Whereas: The Bishops of the church in the Episcopal Address prepared and delivered by Bishop Henry M. Williamson described in graphic manner this dire need and recommended a General Department with a full time General Secretary that would minister to men:

Be It Therefore Resolved: That the 35th Quadrennial Session and 36th General Conference of the Christian Methodist Episcopal establish a Department of Ministry to Men, provide budgetary support and elect a General Secretary for the same; and Be It Further Resolved: That the Book of Discipline be amended to include the attached chapter containing authority and responsibility for such a department.

Winning souls for Christ, Effective Stewardship and Discipleship is our goal during this Christian Journey.
The Connectional Young Adult Ministry must encourage and exhibit God’s love as we address social concerns of young adults, the community and world; also providing leadership, guidance and unity in the development and implementation of programs for Christian service, in conjunction with the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church.

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