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Church History

Pauline B. Grant C.M.EChurch

The year was 1978. The vision belonged to that of our founder and first Pastor Jesse L. Love. What would eventually become the Pauline B. Grant C.M.E. Church that we recognize today had its humble beginnings in the private residence of Bro. and Sis. Joseph and Cora Thompson. The eight (8) members of the then Holy Trinity Community made up the nucleus of the only black Church in Pemberton.

On August 28, 1978, Holy Trinity Community Church began holding its services in the Emmons School. Attendance increased from eight to, twelve. Plans continued to be made to find a permanent church home.  After several months of worship services it became clear that the church would be unable to continue as an independent entity. The actualization of Rev. Loves Vision began to materialize when Pauline B. Grant C.M.E. Church was organized with the assistance of Bishop Nathanial Lindsey and Elder Clyde Davis of the Philadelphia District on October 21, 1978.

The new church name was selected in honor of Mrs. Pauline B. Grant, the former President of the Connectional Missionary Council of the C.M.E. Church. She has performed many years of dedicated leadership in missionary work at local church, district, annual conference and national levels.
In November of 1978, a meeting was held at the Emmons school to discuss the purchasing of a permanent church home. Persons in attendance at this meeting were: the late Sis. Lucille Love, Rev. Jesse Love, Bro. and Sis. Thompson, Major and Mrs. James, Elder Davis of the Philadelphia District, Bishop Lindsey, and several others members of the New York/Washington Conference.

In December of 1978, the present site was located and negotiations began to acquire the property. With faith that they would gain possession of the property, renovations began immediately with Rev. Love and several of the founding members providing the initial source of concerted effort to turn the building into a suitable place of worship for its membership.  With very little resources and a whole lot of faith, the determined core of workers braved the bitter cold of winter and numerous obstacles in their quest to prepare the building for its members.

In July of 1979, the present property, consisting of six (6) acres of land with 2 buildings, was purchased by the New York/Washington Annual Conference for $70,000 dollars. The building formerly housed a motorcycle shop. Finally, after many months of hard work, lots of sweat and even some tears, on Palm Sunday of 1981, the congregation of Pauline B. Grant CME Church marched from our present Fellowship Hall, which had been our main sanctuary to our present one. Rev. Love’s vision had become a reality. Members of Pauline B. Grant CME Church began spreading the good news of the Gospel and the New Church by distributing flyers and talking to people throughout Lake Valley and the surrounding communities. It1took a lot of fellowship and cooperation among all members of this church and strong, caring, capable leadership to bring us to where we are today.

Rev. Love "walked by faith and not by sight" and believed in God to give him the desires of his heart. The results are a testimony to all associated with Pauline B. Grant to continue in faith, love and belief in God that his Will, will prevail here in the church. Rev. Love transferred to the First Episcopal district in 1993. It was at this time that Bishop Oree Broomfield, Presiding Prelate, appointed Rev. Nathaniel Brown (1993-1999) Rev. Alfred Parker (1999-2010) and our present pastor; Rev. David L. Wynn  to the charge of Pastoral-ship of this great church. Under their leadership, Pauline B. Grant CME Church; continues to press towards the mark of a higher calling.  We remain committed to the task that God as set before us; to take the Gospel of Jesus Christ into the world and prepare it for His second coming.  To be a light in our community that will draw people to Christ in such a way that all glory and honor will be for God. 

“Let us serve the present age, our calling to fulfill,

O may it all our powers engage to do the Master’s will”

Thank You God; for where you have brought us!