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The Board of Evangelism and Missions
Mission and Purpose

To embrace the great commission of the Church of Jesus Christ (Matthew 28: 18-20) and  act as the extension of this church to seek out the unsaved and to lead them to God through the redemptive work of Christ.

Evangelism is not the mere testimony of a good, consistent life. The quiet, pervasive influence of the Christian life is necessary -- but it is not evangelism. Being friendly, helpful, and neighborly may be a necessary preparation for evangelism, but it is no substitute for evangelism. Christianity cannot be radiated; truths about God and his Son have to be communicated. Good deeds do not convey the actual content of the gospel; the good news must be expressed in words. Evangelism, then, is the specific, articulate presentation of the message that Christ's death upon the cross propitiates (turns away) God's wrath which abides upon humankind in our unregenerate state (Romans 3:25; John 3:36). Evangelism is the presenting of Jesus Christ, so that men and women will accept Him as their Savior from the guilt and power of sin, and declare Him Lord as they seek to follow Him in their daily lives.

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